Versatile Plant Starch Products – This ChickP Protein Native Chickpea Starch is Easy to Use (TrendHunter.com)

The ChickP Protein native chickpea starch is a new product from the food tech brand that will provide a simple, plant-based way to enhance a range of food and beverages. The product is positioned to offer enhanced gelling and thickening properties when compared against pea and potato starches, and is a co-product of the brand’s ChickP Protein to further reduce food waste. The product is perfect for use in sauces, soups, baked goods, plant-based meat analogues and more.

Founder and CSO of ChickP Ram Reifen, MD spoke on the new ChickP Protein native chickpea starch saying, “The inspiration for developing a native chickpea starch was to offer another purified fraction from chickpea – similar to ChickP’s isolated protein, which contains 90% protein. We’ve extended the purity approach by introducing our pure native chickpea starch, with more than 98% starch content.”

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