Vegan-Friendly Cereal Bars – This Soreen Chocolate Loaf Bar is Lower in Fat and Sugar Than Others (TrendHunter.com)

The Soreen Chocolate Loaf Bar is a new cereal bar product for consumers who are looking for a way to keep their energy levels up throughout the day in a delicious, health-conscious way. The bars are characterized by their plant-based recipe that is suitable for vegans who are looking for a chocolatey yet dairy-free option to pick up. The bars are reported to have 30% less sugar as well as 70% less fat than the average cereal bars on the market.

The Soreen Chocolate Loaf Bar was touted by Marketing Director Bethan Brown who said, “Given the rising popularity of Soreen Loaf Bars, fueling active lifestyles, we took the decision to add a new flavor that would appeal to a different palate. Veganism has been a key trend within the food industry for the last few years now, so we’re immensely proud to bring a vegan, plant-based chocolate product to market that retains that flavorsome, treat like taste without being high in sugar or fat – important for a healthy and nutritious diet.”

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