Utilitarian Sleek Sporty Jackets – novicewear Takes a Progressive Approach to the TX-02 Jacket (TrendHunter.com)

novicewear is a fashion brand founded last year by Magnus Aske Blikeng, a Norwegian designer and the latest from the brand is the innovative TX-02 jacket. The brand launched with the mission to understand the social and pragmatic stand that workwear has to make utilitarian designs last longer.

The jacket was originally set to launch as a part of the Spring/Summer 2021 selection, but got pushed forward due to the pandemic. The TX-02 jacket joins the Fall/Winter 2020 roster and is constructed using British fabrication. It boasts sporty cuts and a utilitarian design, resulted from many samples to create the perfect jacket. It focuses strongly on sustainability and take into account of waste and travel, with only 16 pieces in total before the official pre-order launch.

Image Credit: Santiago Perez

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