Top 90 Pop Culture Trends in November – From Election Night Survival Kits to Cartoon Cat Cooler Bags (TrendHunter.com)

Ranging from election night survival kits to cartoon cat cooler bags, the November 2020 pop culture trends showcase how brands are leveraging inclusive elements to connect with consumers.

Notably, the November 2020 pop culture trends have given way to a new societal norm: crossover holidays. Brands have taken note that consumers are merging Halloween and Christmas, creating Halloween Christmas trees, and have responded by creating Halloween-themed ornaments to allow consumers to fully express themselves.

Alongside the merging of holiday decor, the November 2020 pop culture trends leaning heavily into traditional holiday marketing and incorporating movies, celebrity fashion, and more into their product launches. For example, Rowing Blazers and Warm & Wonderful have relaunched an iconic sweater worn by Princess Diana, allowing fans to express their fondness for the public figure.

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