Top 100 Tech Trends in November – From Smart Prescription Dispensers to Sanitizing Tech Chargers (TrendHunter.com)

The November 2020 tech trends feature recent innovations in computer hardware, apps, gaming, appliances, and much more.

One noteworthy inclusion is the Petoi Bittle, a tiny robot dog that acts as an educational toy for kids. To teach their techy pet new tricks, kids will have to program them in—helping them to improve their coding skills while providing them with an engaging and rewarding medium that allows them to really see the impact of their work.

To unveil its Spring 2021 collection, Christian Louboutin joined with Zepeto, a social networking app, to share its latest looks. Through the experience, consumers can have their avatar try on the luxury footwear, take photos with the designer, and explore the virtual ‘City of Love.’

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