Top 100 Marketing Trends in November – From Whiskey-Scented Candles to Alternative Dental Campaigns (TrendHunter.com)

These November 2020 marketing trends range from premium whiskey-scented candles to alternative dental care campaigns.

A notable example is the D.S. & Durga x Johnnie Walker Blue Label Candle, a home decor staple that doubles as the perfect holiday gift for avid whiskey lovers. “The candle from the Brooklyn-based shop is a limited-edition creation that features notes of the North Sea air along with barley, fine oak casks, reindeer moss, royal lochnagar malt and plated whiskey.”

Invisalign’s recent TikTok campaign is another standout and aims to target Gen-Z audiences seeking a subtle solution for straight teeth. Promoting the importance of dental care, the campaign starred TikTok influencer Charli D’Amelio, resulting in a 25% sales increase for the brand among teenagers. The brand’s decision to partner with a well-known influencer garnered trust among Gen Z consumers thanks to their familiarity with star and the value of her honest product reviews.

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