Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in November – From Slender Sanitization Stations to DIY Self-Care Kits (TrendHunter.com)

Ranging from slender sanitization stations to DIY self-care kits, the November 2020 lifestyle trends offer a glimpse into how brands are responding to consumers’ current needs and reflective of the times.

Now that the hysteria has died down and brands have had ample planning and execution time, the November 2020 lifestyle trends show that brands are focused on offering comforting products with an emphasis on health. For example, the Nuzzie Knit weighted blanket is a chic, health-focused bedding solution that offers users a comfortable and functional way to reduce stress.

The November 2020 lifestyle trend list also underscores an expected surge of hygiene products, ranging from hand sanitizer to air filters. These products meet consumers’ need for preventive health solutions – an obvious concern in the midst of the global pandemic.

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