Top 100 Food Trends in November – From Chunky Pasta Sauces to Elaborate Restaurant Meal Kits (TrendHunter.com)

The seasons have officially changed from summer to fall with winter well on its way, which is being reflected with this collection of the top November 2020 food trends that highlight the ways that brands are preparing consumers for even more time at home.

Colder weather usually means more comfort foods, but we’re instead seeing more products with an attention to artisanal flavors to help consumers explore using their palate. This includes such offerings as the Kettle Chips Tastes of Britain snack chips, the Small Giants Cracker Bites made with cricket flour and the new Lo Bros Gut Shots and Kombucha beverages, amongst many others.

Another noticeable pattern within the top November 2020 food trends is a focus on immunity as consumers look to enhance their everyday health and wellness through the meals they eat.

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