Top 100 Cosmetics Trends in November – From Shimmering Serum Highlighters to MUA-Designed Glosses (TrendHunter.com)

The November 2020 cosmetics trends spotlight innovations in beauty and grooming, including the latest in makeup, skincare, and industry marketing and packaging updates.

Taking inspiration from her granddaughters and their love for glam, Betsey Johnson launched an affordable beauty line that features everything for highlighters and mascaras, to brush sets and glitter-heavy eyeshadow palettes. The whole ‘Luv Betsey’ collection is available at US Walmart stores, and each item is $10 or less.

For hot sauce lovers, there’s HipDot’s Tapatío makeup collection—which features glosses, a makeup sponge, and two eyeshadow palettes that take inspiration from the popular Mexican-American brand’s products. Apart from the shades and product names, the hot sauce theme is carried to the packaging too, with each gloss contained in an adorable tiny sauce bottle.

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