Terrycloth Poolside Sandals – EGO's Poolside Perspex Platform is a 2000s-Inspired Accessory (TrendHunter.com)

Fast fashion footwear brand EGO is known for a chic product range that is offered at an accessible price point — its Poolside Perspex Platform in square peep toe is a statement piece that draws inspiration from early 2000s nostalgia.

Remixing the seasons shearling fad, the platform sandal is covered in towel-like terry material in a bubblegum pink shade that is reminiscent of styles worn by starlets like Paris Hilton. Made with a pink synthetic upper, the shoe boasts a transparent perspex platform in a matching bubblegum pink and stands on a 4.5″ heel.

This fun summer sandal is a nostalgic statement piece that is perfect for poolside events or casual nights out. The shoe is affordable as an added bonus, offered at just under $20 during EGO’s 2020 Black Friday promotion.

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