Technical Outdoorsman Hoodies – The Prometheus Design Werx Defiant Hoodie Has Four-Way Stretch (TrendHunter.com)

The Prometheus Design Werx Defiant Hoodie is an ultra-durable piece of technical outerwear for avid outdoorsmen that will provide them with a way to easily brave the elements without losing sight of comfort.

The sweater has a four-way stretch design that has a soft-shell construction that will deliver all-day comfort no matter the scenario. The garment features a fully weatherproof construction that is achieved thanks to a cutting-edge construction, high-tech performance and seam-taped top.

The Prometheus Design Werx Defiant Hoodie makes use of Schoeller textile for a virtually flawless functionality and comes backed by a Bluesign certification. This positions the wilderness-ready garment as being a sustainable option for adventurers to feel good about incorporating into their roster of gear.

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