Tartan Sustainable Bold Apparel – Dickies Life Unveils its Retro-Infused Tartan Reworked Collection (TrendHunter.com)

Dickies Life introduces the latest Tartan Reworked collection for the season as it references the rich heritage of tartan in itself. Referencing previous eras, the capsule nods to the punk scene in the 70s and grunge culture that became popularized in the 90s. Tartan has been a statement accent for many throughout different subcultures over the decades.

The collection features five pieces in total and it features work style pants, a shirt, a zippered jacket, and two workwear silhouettes. The color palette is the entire collection turns its attention to Manchester’s legendary ‘Hacienda Club.’ The lookbook is also set in the United Kingdom location. This honors the music scene of the time and the rebellious spirit of ‘Madchester’ in previous eras.

Image Credit: Dickies Life

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