Suspenseful Branded Barista Events – HBO's Coffee-ology Featured a Surprise Murder Mystery Twist (TrendHunter.com)

HBO’s new limited series, The Flight Attendant, is being promoted with a unique virtual ‘Coffee-ology’ experience, that serves as part barista classes, part murder mystery. With the pandemic still in full swing, brands have to get creative to engage with their consumers. In lieu of branded in-person events, many are taking to the virtual world to create unique experiences.

Coffee-ology is a perfect example, as it provided shareable moments, while engaging the player. The event was branded as a coffee-making class, available only to a limited audience of media and press. What the audience didn’t know, was the murder mystery twist, in which an intruder breaks in and kidnaps the barista, leaving the audience to solve the rest.

Image Credit: HBO

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