Supportive Personalized Insoles – Fleet Feet's Pressure Mapping Supports Individualized Solutions (TrendHunter.com)

Going to a shoe store has specific advantages over online shopping and Fleet Feet is introducing integrated dynamic pressure mapping as part of its “fit id” in-store outfitting experience. The experience relies on pressure mapping software and hardware to create personalized footwear solutions from biometric data, which helps to consider the differences between left and right feet.

Fleet Feet is collaborating with Superfeet and its line of ME3D products to support consumers. In-store, consumers walk across a short plate so that the dynamic pressure mapping platform can capture unique foot path measurements and weight distribution data, which is easily visualized on an iPad. With this information, consumers can get personalized insoles from Superfeet’s ME3D line created, printed and shipped directly to them to suit their specific needs.

Image Credit: Fleet Feet

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