Sound-Blocking Sleeping Earmuffs – The Blisstil 'SleepMuffs' Enable a Peaceful Sleep Anywhere (TrendHunter.com)

The Blisstil ‘SleepMuffs’ sleeping pillow earmuffs are a high-quality accessory for those who are looking for a way to get better sleep while at home, out of the house or even when traveling.

The head-hugging pillow features an ergonomic construction that will securely fit around the head and will sit snuggly against the ears without causing discomfort. The unit will then go to work blocking out external noises that could prevent the person from sleeping at home or even while on a plane.

The Blisstil ‘SleepMuffs’ sleeping pillow earmuffs also work to support the head and neck during use, which could further increase overall comfort. The hollow section of the ear section will also provide space for earbuds to be used throughout the night.

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