Rocket-Inspired Writing Utensils – The 'Nominal' Rollerball Pen is Inspired by the SpaceX Rocket (TrendHunter.com)

The ‘Nominal’ rollerball pen has been designed by Mercator London as a writing utensil inspired by the SpaceX rocket that will provide users with a minimalist way to incorporate a touch of space exploration into their lifestyle. The pen has a design that calls to mind the Falcon 9 Rocket, which is further supported by a series of four retracting legs that can be operated by simply twisting the main body section. A Schmidt P950M pressurized refill is held within the pen to allow for zero-gravity writing, but can also be refilled with a standard cartridge if desired.

The ‘Nominal’ rollerball pen is made up of 34 individualized components that are mostly CNC-machined using 316L stainless steel as well as aircraft-grade aluminum.

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