Remixed Streusel Bread Pastries – BapBap’s Soboro Puts a Modern Twist on a Classic Korean Dessert (TrendHunter.com)

BapBap’s Soboro loaf puts a modern spin on a traditional Korean dessert and is a sweet pairing with the eatery’s savory menu items. Located in the heart of Flushing, Queens, the Korean-inspired eatery was founded by Nate Kuester and Jason Lui who met while working at Michelin-starred restaurant Aquavit.

BapBap’s vibrant interior and fast-casual menu consists of signature seasoned rice bowls, seafood bowls and seaweed-wrapped rolls with the option of “smoked brisket, grilled squid, black vinegar-glazed mushroom, and spicy tuna mix” seasonings.

Dessert lovers are sure to enjoy BapBap’s soft serve options along with its Soboro loaf, a contemporary take on traditional Korean streusel bread. The pastry combines scoops of ube with a topping of “buttery and crumbly” crust.

Image Credit: Annie Grossinger/Eater

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