Professional Six-Microphone Speakers – The Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone is Pro-Grade (TrendHunter.com)

The Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone is a professional-grade solution for business-oriented users to help them easily maintain connectivity and enjoy crystal-clear calls when at the office or at home.

The device features a compact size that weighs in at just 12 ounces and features a total of six microphones to expertly capture the voices of up to eight participants in the room. The rechargeable battery within will deliver up to 24 hours of call time per charge, while the automatic voice enhancement functionality will work to eliminate the occurrence of muddled voices.

The Anker PowerConf Bluetooth Speakerphone also boasts PowerIQ technology to let the device be used as an external power bank, which could come in hand for mobiles professionals who require multifunctional solutions.

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