Outdoor-Ready Luxury Fashion – Fendi and K-Way Join Forces on a Apparel Capsule for Winter (TrendHunter.com)

Fendi and K-Way work in collaboration once again, following up its genderless sneaker design with functional apparel designed for the Winter 2020 season. The duo shine a spotlight on Fendi’s signature logo as the main focus for the newest project.

This details a plethora of K-Way apparel silhouettes in all-over patterning including the nylon windbreaker with reversible elements. It can also be folded up to fit into one’s pocket or carried as a pouch to push for maximum functionality. It arrives in the color options of black and dark blue or pink for children’s options. Additionally, there are also items that feature the FF logo printed on top of mink fur as a premium touch that invites layering options during winter.

Image Credit: Fendi

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