Next-Gen Salon Consultations – Smart Salon Consultation by Backstage Debuted at CES 2021 (TrendHunter.com)

At CES 2021, Backstage introduced Smart Salon Consultation software that offers enhanced experiences in real-time thanks to photorealistic 3D avatars. The software helps to connect hairdressers and clients in a new way and give them a clearer way to communicate desired results and minimize misunderstandings. Rather than solely relying on verbal communication, the software helps both parties to visualize the available options for styling, care, coloring and more.

This innovation promises to be useful for the future of haircare, especially at a time when many salons have been forced to temporarily close their doors. As it’s become the norm for virtual technologies to connect customers with service providers, software like the Smart Salon Consultation by Backstage will play a role in beauty-tech interactions of the future.

Image Credit: Backstage

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