Mediterranean Garlic Snacks – Valentina's Snack Bread with Garlic is Crunchy and Toasted (TrendHunter.com)

Valentina’s Snack Bread with Garlic boasts a crunchy and savory flavor profile with an authentic garlic taste. The snack bread is toasted, boasts a parsley garnish and is made to improve digestion and lower blood cholesterol levels.

In addition to its garlic flavor, Valentina’s tasty and health-conscious snacks are also available in tomato, onion, black olive and Mediterranean varieties, each boasting all natural ingredients and the option of snack bread or toast and traditional and wholemeal options.

Targeting carb lovers looking to stay healthy, Valentina’s offers delicious snack breads that are made with nutrition in mind. The brand’s products can be enjoyed alone as a snack, served alongside meat and cheese bites or used as a bread replacement that still satisfies cravings.

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