Letter: Making the case for low-cost nuclear power

Jonathan Ford’s column “Repetition is the key to cutting nuclear costs, not innovation” (Opinion, September 15) hits upon precisely one of the benefits afforded by the small modular reactor (SMR) technology developed by our consortium led by Rolls-Royce.

However, the article goes on to eschew innovation as a contributory factor in the pursuit of low-cost nuclear solutions, a view with which we fundamentally disagree.

Our innovation has created a different approach to delivering new nuclear power, drastically reducing construction and delivery risk by creating a low-cost modular factory-built power plant.

We are using a standard and proven nuclear reactor type. Our approach of repeatable factory manufacturing of modules will enable us to deliver the benefits of repetition far more rapidly than large reactor programmes can ever hope to achieve.

We offer Britain a low-carbon opportunity that must be grasped.

We have decades of infrastructure and power experience and have invested significantly, with government support, to bring about this opportunity.

We have established a very credible domestic response to a domestic challenge — one that builds and expands upon Britain’s nuclear credentials. We are proud to stand at the forefront of the country’s nuclear ambitions.

Tom Samson
Interim chief executive,
SMR consortium
Lancaster, Lancashire, UK

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