Late-Night Craving Packs – Papa John's and Nightfood Created Packs with Cheeseburgers & Ice Cream (TrendHunter.com)

To satisfy late-night cravings, Nightfood teamed up with Papa John’s to create a gift pack that shares some of the most sought-after evening comfort foods. The pack shares Nightfood’s Pickles For Two ice cream with a Double Cheeseburger Papadia from Papa John’s, both of which prominently feature pickles. The cheeseburger is also layered with a quarter pound of seasoned beef, cheese and Papa John’s signature burger dipping sauce

While ice cream is known as a favorite late-night snack for many, Nightfood sets itself apart with pints that boast less sugar, less fat and fewer calories than regular ice cream—as well as more protein, fiber, calcium, magnesium and zinc. Created to satisfy the top pregnancy cravings, the Pickles For Two flavor has been named the official ice cream of the American Pregnancy Association.

Image Credit: Papa John’s

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