Humorous Wipeable Paint Ads – Farrow & Ball's Ad Campaign Pokes Fun of Anxious Home Owners (TrendHunter.com)

Anxious home owners know the feeling of wanting to keep their house looking perfect, and Farrow & Ball’s latest ad campaign hilariously captures this tension with a series of relatable yet offbeat ads.

Farrow & Ball’s paint is washable and wipeable, making it easy to clean for those who are prone to mess. This sets the perfect backdrop for its campaign, which introduces a series of hilarious scenarios in which home owners fear their walls will get ruined. In one of the ads, a friend brings over their dirty dog. Horrified of the idea of her white walls getting ruined, the home owner fashions the dog in a full-body suit, which she claims was made from military-grade polyester.

Image Credit: Farrow & Ball

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