Festive Breakfast Kits – Nutella's DIY Holiday Breakfast Kit Shares a Special Nutella Jar (TrendHunter.com)

For a season where families will be creating new traditions at home, Nutella created a limited-edition DIY holiday breakfast kit. Within a festive tin that’s shaped like a Nutella jar, there’s a specially market Nutella holiday jar, plus the key non-perishable ingredients for making Gingerbread Pancakes and gingerbread-shaped cutters. The kit also contains maraschino cherries for decoration, although the options are limitless when it comes to customizing the baked recipe with other colorful, flavorful and texture-rich toppings.

The special breakfast kit also helps to support No Kid Hungry and its mission to end childhood hunger. Whether purchased through the kit or separately, specially marked jars of Nutella will aid No Kid Hungry to give breakfast to children in need.

Image Credit: Nutella

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