Experiential Halloween Pop-Ups – The Maoam Mischief Manor Shares a Journey for Household Groups (TrendHunter.com)

Haunted house events around the world are being cancelled in response to the coronavirus pandemic but Maoam is creating a fun Halloween pop-up in the UK that sticks to safety protocols. The Maoam Mischief Manor has been designed so that one household group at a time may enter and explore a haunted house-style journey of zombie hands, carnival mirrors and ghostly animations. On their journey through the pop-up, groups will be guided along the way by an ambassador so that the experience remains safe for all.

The pop-up will be touring various shopping destinations in the UK, offering an experience that will help to replace traditional haunted houses, trick or treating and other spooky seasonal events.

As Harriet Hogge, marketing manager at Maoam, says: “We wanted to reignite the excitement of experiential while ensuring we follow government guidelines, and Global has helped us achieve that goal – it is fantastic to prove unique experiences can still be created despite the current challenges we face.”

Image Credit: Maoam

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