DIY Garlic Bread Kits – Etsy's Bakeamake Shop Offers a Pull-Apart Garlic Bread DIY Baking Kit (TrendHunter.com)

Creating DIY garlic bread has never been easier thanks to this ingredient kit from Etsy’s Bakeamake shop. The shop specializes in artisan baking kits with other products like DIY scone, cookie and cereal cake kits featured.

This Pull-Apart Garlic Bread DIY Baking Kit makes servings for up to 3 people and includes a garlic and herb mix along with flour, sugar, yeast, salt and garlic ingredients. Requiring 3 hours of prep time and 30 minutes of bake time, the kit requires at-home chefs to combine its ingredients with pantry essentials like butter, milk and water.

Etsy’s Bakeamake shop ships its baking kits across Ontario, Canada and speaks to growing consumer desires for at-home baking options. With more consumers embracing maker culture — evident during the COVID-19 pandemic where DIY bread making is on the rise — products like this DIY garlic bread kit help fuel creativity.

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