Designer Basketball-Branded Events – Virgil Abloh's LVxNBA Line Was Showcased Virtually in a Court (TrendHunter.com)

Sports stars have always been associated with high fashion and luxury and Virgil Abloh’s LVxNBA takes this one step further. The designer-run event served as a virtual merchandising experience in Madison Square Garden’s New York Arena, which is home to many NBA basketball games. The unique event promoted the designer fashion house’s new line, which was made in partnership with the basketball league.

The stylish event used technology alongside drone footage to showcase the new Louis Vuitton clothes and accessories that were fitted around the arena. Some of the items included a jacket printed with the NBA’s logo, as well as a luxe sports bag that’s the perfect size for a basketball. Other standouts included embroidered sweaters, logo hoodies, a leather jacket and more.

Photo Credits: designboom, ca.louisvuitton

Image Credit: virtual selling experience by brad dickson

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