Complimentary Soda Campaigns – Diet Coke is Celebrating National Boss's Day with a New Sweepstakes (TrendHunter.com)

Diet Coke has announced it will be celebrating National Boss’s Day with a new sweepstakes that will provide the unsung heroes out there with a special reward for their hard work this year. The campaign will see consumers able to nominate a person in their life who has been tackling the challenges associated with the ongoing pandemic head-on and will see lucky winners receiving free soda for a year along with a mini fridge. The campaign is starting today and will run through November 16, 2020 for consumers to have their say with who they think deserves a little treat for their hard work.

The Diet Coke National Boss’s Day campaign will see winners receiving their prize in 2021 with results being announced in December 2020.

Image Credit: Diet Coke

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