Collagen-Enriched Instant Creamers – Bare Bones' SuperPowder Creamer Shares the Benefit of Collagen (TrendHunter.com)

Bare Bones’ newest product is the SuperPowder Instant Creamer, which comes in a conveniently packaged single-serve sachet that’s ready to be dissolved in liquid. The sweet and creamy powder shares the benefits of collagen protein for health, which are numerous and include support for everything from digestion and gut health to nails, hair and skin, plus joints and inflammation.

The instant creamer was mindfully crafted without ingredients like corn syrup solids and hydrogenated oils, so that the brand offers consumers a feel-good way to enhance their daily beverage rituals. Naturally sweetened with plants, SuperPowder boasts zero sugar and helps to provide a sustained source of energy, plus prebiotic fiber to help the body absorb essential minerals.

Image Credit: Bare Bones

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