Cholesterol-Lowering Yogurt Drinks – The Benecol Vanilla Yogurt Drink is Flavorful and Functional (TrendHunter.com)

The Benecol vanilla yogurt drink is a new limited-edition dairy product created by the Raisio-owned brand as a product for consumers who are looking to support their overall health and nutritional needs. The product is positioned to help lower the cholesterol of the consumer and is thus perfect for those looking to lead a healthier daily lifestyle by making positive changes to their diet. The product is being launched in the UK, and features two grams of plant stanols that are reported to help lower cholesterol levels by 7-10% in three weeks.

Brand and Activation Manager at Raisio Jennifer Coates spoke on the new Benecol vanilla yogurt drink saying, “Benecol has been encouraging the nation to make small, simple switches to lower their cholesterol for 25 years and we’re pleased to be able to celebrate this milestone by offering our consumers a new flavor of our popular yogurt drinks. We are very proud of our great-tasting portfolio which is shown to lower cholesterol and hope to continue to add new innovative products to the range over the next 25 years to come.”

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