Casual Dining-Inspired Potato Products – The McCain Waffle Fries are Great with Any Meal (TrendHunter.com)

The McCain Waffle Fries are a new offering from the brand in the UK that are sure to help satisfy consumers who are looking for foods with a restaurant-inspired flavor. The fries are inspired by the lattice fries you’d find in a quick service restaurant and will enable consumers to recreate their favorite meals from the comfort of home. The fries will be available in convenience stores in 550 gram bags at a price point of £1.99.

McCain Marketing Director Mar Hodge spoke on the McCain Waffle Fries saying, “We know that now, more than ever, consumers are shopping for the ‘at-home’ restaurant as families turn to replicating their favourite restaurant-style experiences at home and Waffle Fries are the perfect side or sharer to accompany these types of meals.”

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