Barista-Quality Milk Foamers – The 'Nanofoamer' Lets You Whip Up Microfoam Latte Art in Seconds (TrendHunter.com)

The Nanofoamer is a compact, elegant and effective milk foamer that lets you create barista-quality microfoamed milk in mere seconds, allowing you to enjoy coffee of the highest quality in your own kitchen.

One of the great pleasures of enjoying a cappuccino, flat white or latte in a cafe is that multi-sensory experience of micro-foamed milk spun into your coffee by your friendly barista. Professionally micro-foamed milk blends effortlessly into your beverage, creates a wonderfully silky mouthfeel, heightens the perception of sweetness without added sugar and can act as a canvas for stunning pieces of latte art.

However, coffee aficionados looking to replicate that experience at home have long been forced into one of two unsavory choices. The first option is to invest in a high-maintenance, professional-grade espresso machine that takes up precious countertop space while leaving empty space in your bank account. The second is to compromise on foam quality by investing in a traditional milk frother that simply whisks the milk around, creating an awful dry foam that doesn’t blend with your beverage but rather sits on top of it, creating a superficial layer of tasteless and texture-less foam that you have to suffer through to get to your coffee, which by this point has been diluted by runny milk. There’s a reason the foam produced by milk frothers is derided as ‘junk foam’ by coffee connoisseurs and industry insiders.

This is where the NanoFoamer comes in. Developed by Singapore-based Subminimal, this hand-held and battery-operated milk foamer spins bubbles through special, proprietary screens at 10,000 revolutions per minute (RPM), which causes milk bubbles to break down into velvety microfoam. The product comes with fine and ultra-fine screens, allowing you to play around with the density of your microfoam. You can also experiment with shorter and longer mixing times to control the amount of foam that you generate, although even just 15 seconds of NanoFoamer action produces gorgeous microfoam, which is perfect for those busy weekday mornings.

The marvelous convenience of the NanoFoamer is further heightened by the fact that it’s completely waterproof and can be rinsed clean in seconds, and comes with both a wall mount and protective hood so you can store it as is most convenient and aesthetically pleasing to you.

As if that weren’t impressive enough, the NanoFoamer can also be procured along with the FlowTip, a milk jug that’s designed specifically to easily heat up your milk, create micro-foam and gently craft latte art on your drink. The jug features a heat-resistant handle that makes it perfect for stovetop use, while the smooth neck, wide spout and sharp tip allow for perfect control as you go about creating spectacular microfoam art.

If you’re asking yourself how to about getting started on creating latte art, Subminimal has you covered here too, with the company producing in-depth video tutorials for budding latte artists of all levels of proficiency. Produced by some of the world’s most celebrated latte artists, these videos will help you learn how to deploy your NanoFoamer towards creating everything from tulips and hearts to rosettas and original latte artwork of your own creation.

The NanoFoamer, FlowTip and latte art classes can be procured in a variety of different packages through a Kickstarter campaign that has completely obliterated its initial fundraising goal. A pledge of just $39 will get you a NanoFoamer, a pair of replacement screens and a latte art master class, with higher packages getting you extra goodies such as the FlowTip jug, fresh coffee beans, extra sets of replacement screens and more.

The true genius of the NanoFoamer doesn’t just lie in its own admirable design and functionality, but in the fact that it’s one of a range of Subminimal products that are designed to elevate the art and enjoyment of coffee at a spectacularly reasonable price.

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