Artisan Retailer Bread Kits – This Williams Sonoma Bread Mix Set Boasts Three Tasty Flavors (TrendHunter.com)

The Williams Sonoma Bread Mix is sold in a set of three and highlights two classic flavors. They include two Artisan French Bread mixes and a Parmesan Garlic Bread mix. While the French bread is inspired by Parisian bakery creations — with a soft consistency and light gold crust — the Parmesan Garlic Bread combines Mediterranean garlic and aged Parmesan ingredients with a crispy crust.

Each bread mix from Williams Sonoma makes a one pound loaf, is made from unbleached flour and is sold with a packet of yeast.

With more consumers embracing DIY bread making at home — very prevalent during the recent COVID-19 pandemic — artisan bread mixes like these help elevate the process, ensuring it is quick, easy and enjoyable even for the inexperienced at-home chef.

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