Adaptogenic-Infused Sparkling Drinks – The Rockaway Functional Sparkling Water Drinks are Tasty (TrendHunter.com)

The Rockaway functional sparkling water drinks are a lineup of refreshments for those who are looking for a multipurpose refreshment that will easily keep up with the demands of health-conscious consumers. The drinks are crafted with a range of plant-based and adaptogenic herbs ingredients that are focused on delivering specific benefits. This includes a boost to one’s daily immunity anti-inflammatory defenses, natural energy, relaxing properties and much more.

The Rockaway functional sparkling water drinks come in four flavor and function options, and come as a refreshing new take on the humble sparkling beverage that will actually work to support the health and wellness of the consumer. The drinks can be purchased directly from the brand in a combo pack, as part of a monthly subscription and more.

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