25 Gifts for the Gardener – From Customizable Crop Subscriptions to Self Care Gardening Kits (TrendHunter.com)

These gifts for the gardener range from customizable crop subscriptions to self care gardening kits. Whether seeking gifts for a seasoned botanist or an amateur at-home gardener, consumers are sure to love this unique list of products.

Standouts include the ‘tablefarm,’ a smart indoor microgarden that is ideal for those with limited outdoor or green space. The indoor garden does not require any soil and is equipped with a see pad that simply requires users to add water in order to grow microgreens. Similarly, Pico is a self-watering planter that makes plant care easy and hassle-free. The smart grow system “allows consumers to combine multiple planters together so that they can get fresh herbs at home” and are “made to attach to anything, allowing consumers to create colorful displays on their walls, fridge, or almost any other surface.”

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