20 DIY Toy Gifts – From Imaginative DIY Robot Toys to DIY Glitter Domes (TrendHunter.com)

These DIY toy gifts range from imaginative DIY robot toys to DIY glitter domes. Encouraging creativity and hands-on play, these toy kits address parents’ growing concerns surrounding too much screen time for kids and will remind many Millennials of nostalgic toys that were popular during their youth.

Some notable examples include the fun So Sand DIY Sand Studio, a toy that allows kids to “make their own sand by combining brightly colored sand with a magic sand component.” The final product can be customized and cut to one’s desired shape. This nostalgic DIY toy is inspired by the popularity of YouTube AMSR videos and provides a tacticle, hands on experience.

Other standouts include the ‘Animate’ creative robot kit — a collaboration between Studio Fantasio and OPPO. The DIY robot kit consists of “electronic components as well as craft elements including an ultrasonic sensor, two DC motors, a microphone, a vibrator, a battery-operated LED and more.”

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