100 Eco Innovations for November – From Tree-Hugging Beer Ads to Recycled Denim Capsule Collections (TrendHunter.com)

This list of November 2020 eco trends highlights all the ways the world is changing for the better. The time spent indoors this year has enabled individuals to reflect on their consumption habits, and the impact they have on the planet. Moreover, with tighter budgets, many consumers are opting to think twice before purchasing a product from an unethical source.

In response to this, existing brands are creating new eco-friendly products or initiative, while new businesses are launching to offer more mindful alternatives. An example of a unique eco project can be seen at Burger King’s across New York City, Portland, and Tokyo. In 2021, the QSR chain will be launching a pilot program to test reusable packaging, partnering with consumers to reduce the amount of waste the restaurant’s produce.

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